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  • Develop and deploy emotionally intelligent training that ensures tech and remote teams' can minimize administrative time while maximizing results.  Gain invaluable data that can be improve how to explain abstract ideas and concepts using simple emotionally intelligent fluency and vocabulary.

  • We establish data driven emotionally intelligent workplace approaches that Improves your remote work team dynamics and up-skill homegrown talent. Learn verbal reasoning and the mental ability to be better able to problem solve in positions that require the understanding of complex technical concepts.

remote: IT ITSS & DBA
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Create Greater Company Autonomy Across Global 

M&A Branches & Offices

Advance Salesforce & I.T.S.S. Client Management Skills

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EPIC Executive Summit & Programs

Develop & Up-Skill

Milenial Mgmt. Maturity

Duplicate High

Leverage Behaviors

Using EQ & EI

Get Access to a Vault

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for Teams & Depts.

Working Remote

Learn New Approaches

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Problem Solving

Be the Champions in the Marketplace using the Phoenix 6 Program

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